Book of Exodus, Lecture 1 and Lecture 2, Part 1

This recording includes a summary of the initial lecture in the series, and the beginning of the second lecture in a series on the book of Shemot (Shemos) delivered by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm at the Jewish Center in Manhattan between November 4, 1962 and March 13, 1963. The lectures cover chapters one through eleven in the book of Exodus; the parshiyot of Shemot, Va-Era, and part of Bo. The second lecture in the series, which begins on this recording at 7:55 was delivered on 11/11/1962, and continues with the next file 013_02.wav. The dates and sequence of all the lectures in the series could not be determined with certainty. There are gaps in the recordings and in the series of lectures itself. Lectures 3 and 4 are not extant. In this lecture, Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm discusses the midwives and the birth and naming of Moshe.
Collection: Rabbi Doctor Norman Lamm Lectures
Location: The Jewish Center
Date: November 04, 1962