Juda Appel

JUDA APPEL,  1889 - 1960

Juda Appel was born in Ieud, Hungary.  His cantorial career began at age 8 as a boy soprano, nicknamed “Yudele Sopran.”  As a youth, he sang with many famous cantors.    As an adult he was a tenor,  known for his falsetto and coloratura. He was a choir leader and also studied in yeshiva.  Although he received semicha  (rabbinic ordination) from well known rabbis, he chose to be a cantor.  After his service in the army in World War I, he served as a cantor in leading congregations in Romania and Hungary, and also gave concerts.  He moved to the United States in 1922. 

Cantor Appel held positions in Brooklyn, NY, when he first arrived in the United States, and later served in prominent synagogues in Montreal,  Mexico City,  Philadelphia, Trenton, Wilkes-Barre, Cleveland, New York City, and led High Holiday services in the Lamport  auditorium at Yeshiva University for two years. 

He was active in the Mizrachi and in the Jewish Ministers Cantors Association of America.

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