Nahum of Goniadz

These manuscripts have been tentatively identified as originally belonging to Nahum, a cantor and ritual slaughterer, from Goniadz (Goniondz), Poland. The identification is based on handwritten notes and embossing on the covers and spines of the volumes.

Nahum, a tenor, knew how to read music and led a choir in Goniadz. During World War I, in 1914, the Jews of Goniadz escaped to Bialystok for refuge.  Nahum the cantor was among them.  When members of the Bialystok community realized that Nahum was there, they invited him to officiate at the large synagogue for the morning prayers on Rosh Hashanah. Nahum died in 1915.

These manuscripts may have been donated to Yeshiva University together with the Morris Kantor Collection.