Shema Yisrael (Hear O Israel)
Détente with honor - save Soviet Jews!
Dismantle the White House East Wing!
"Days of Rage" is an outrage
"Days of Rage" is financed by Arab $
Mr. Nixon, take our message to Moscow
Channel 13-PBS - the PLO loves you!
UN and Bush: take a moral stand
President Bush: Jerusalem is one!
The Bush Jerusalem Plan: a half Bakered idea!
We urge you President Bush: speak out for Soviet Jewry!
Stop Arab plot against Israel!
These Jews are missing
America, it's on your conscience to free Sharansky, Prisoner of Conscience
"The continued migration of Jews to Israel constitutes a grave danger to the Arab nation…"
Victims of Arab "peace": Kurds gassed, Lebanese slaughtered, Soviet Jews next?
One of the anti-Semitic cartoons from the recent Soviet book "Poison of Zionism"
Zionism is the Fascism of today! (translation from Russian)
Stop! (translation from Russian)