Some Russian students have to work a little harder…if they want to emigrate
One of the anti-Semitic cartoons from the recent Soviet book "Poison of Zionism"
Let my people go
It's a tough place to live. It's a tougher place to leave.
Fascism will not succeed! (translation from Russian)
The Jews of Russia - let them go!
Peace and human rights for Soviet Jews
Anti-semitism in the Soviet Union is growing...
KGB - Bolshoi - Oppression
Gulag-MVD: Geographical distribution of concentration camps and special psychiatric hospitals
Murdered by the KGB - Col. Yefim Davidovich
Let my people live! No pogroms!
Be part of the Washington Lobby - Feb. 23, 1984
In America, you have to kill someone to get 12 years in prison. In Russia, you may just have to teach Hebrew.
Bolshoi: Soviet Jews have nothing to sing about!
Portraits of Infamy
Moscow Chamber Orchestra plays, Sharansky burns
Refusenik - Pavel Abramovich
The Begun tribunal: the trial of a Soviet dissident
Prisoner of the Soviet secret police - Evgeny Aisenberg