Let my people go! Black background
Let my people go! Red background
Let my people know
Let my people live! No pogroms!
Limit missiles not freedom!
Link US-USSR trade with emigration
Map of Israel (Russian language)
Mikhail Shirman 1954-1987
Moscow Chamber Orchestra plays, Sharansky burns
Mr. Gorbachev - let all our people go
Mr. Nixon, take our message to Moscow
Murdered by the KGB - Col. Yefim Davidovich
New Gorby decree: less freedom!
New York unites for human rights
No bull in Madrid!
No trade, no aid till Soviet Jews are free
Once alive and vibrant, Soviet Jewish culture is being destroyed
One of the anti-Semitic cartoons from the recent Soviet book "Poison of Zionism"
PLO: even your "friends" don't want terrorists!