One of the anti-Semitic cartoons from the recent Soviet book "Poison of Zionism"
Let my people go
It's a tough place to live. It's a tougher place to leave.
Fascism will not succeed! (translation from Russian)
Let my people go! Red background
Let my people go! Black background
The Jews of Russia - let them go!
Print the truth about the convent
Stop the lie about the convent (translation from Polish)
Anti-semitism in the Soviet Union is growing...
No bull in Madrid!
Thou shalt not stand idly by
Syria - stop terrorism now!
The ironies of Soviet Jewish religious life
Limit missiles not freedom!
Link US-USSR trade with emigration
Shema Yisrael (Hear O Israel)
In the Soviet Union, Hebrew teachers are the ones who are taught a lesson
Once alive and vibrant, Soviet Jewish culture is being destroyed
Détente with honor - save Soviet Jews!