UN: end your hypocrisy!
UN resolution no solution!
Refusenik - Pavel Abramovich
The Begun tribunal: the trial of a Soviet dissident
Prisoner of the Soviet secret police - Evgeny Aisenberg
These Jews are missing
Stop Arab plot against Israel!
Mr. Nixon, take our message to Moscow
Stop Kremlin-PLO terror!
Channel 13-PBS - the PLO loves you!
Say NYET (No - translation from Russian) to Pamyat
Pamyat = KGB: Gorbachev, who are you with?
Some unrefreshing facts about Pepsi
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KGB's imposed darkness - our light of freedom!
France: Liberté for terror? Egalité for PLO? Fraternité with Jews?
Hell no PLO!
Pamyat = KGB: Gorbachev, who are you with? (translation from Russian)
Pamyat - Stop Soviet anti-Semitism